Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction is New Thought philosophy which basically means that positive or negative things may happen to people depending on whether they focus on positive or negative thoughts. This philosophy considers that people and their thoughts comprise “pure energy.” In addition, it is believed that similar types of energy attract one another. New Thought… Continue reading Law Of Attraction

How To Become A Life Coach

Previously, people associated the word “coach” with someone who works guiding sports teams. However, at present, more people are learning about “life coaches,” which are people who work with various individuals in reaching their goals. Coaching can provide people with a number of benefits. And life coaches ensure that people achieve their objectives and that… Continue reading How To Become A Life Coach

How To Find A Life Coach

There are times when people realize that they just fail whenever they try to make some changes with their lives. In other cases, though it seems that nothing is wrong with their lives, some individuals just feel that they do something for a change. In workplaces, some think that they always got overlooked though they… Continue reading How To Find A Life Coach

Being Spiritual

Spirituality and religion are two concepts that people normally used with each other or interchangeably. However, it is possible to separate these two concepts. Some people may be both religious and spiritual, whereas others are spiritual but not religious or the other way around. When people go to church, it is only natural to think… Continue reading Being Spiritual

Keys To Effective Communication

Communication is an integral component of people’s lives. However, there are cases when people mean to say something good, but the words just won’t come out right. As a result, other parties end up hearing things that just disappoint them. Misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts may result from miscommunication among people. Fortunately, there is still hope… Continue reading Keys To Effective Communication

4 Common Communication Styles

Communication style refers to specific manner of communication utilized by people. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Over the past years, studies were able to identify four fundamental communication styles: analytical, intuitive, functional, and personal. Among these communication styles, none is better than the others. However, it is important that a specific style… Continue reading 4 Common Communication Styles

Sexual Harassment

Theresa M. Beiner wrote the informative paper entitled, “Sexy Dressing Revisited: Does Target Dress Play A Part In Sexual Harassment Cases.” In certain parts of the article, Beiner discusses about popular views on provocative clothing and sexual harassment and rape. The paper points out how harassment is influenced by perceptions of passiveness and submissiveness. People… Continue reading Sexual Harassment

Passive Aggressive Vs Assertive Communication

Ineffective communication may cause conflict among people, whereas poor communication strategies can only worsen such conflicts. Thus, people should employ effective communication strategies to successfully communicate with one another and to avoid causing conflict. One effective means for selecting an effective communication strategy is using the communication continuum. This continuum presents passive to aggressive strategies… Continue reading Passive Aggressive Vs Assertive Communication

What Do Life Coaches Do

People make resolutions every New Year. Though it is not really prohibited to set up goals any time of the year, most prefer find extra motivations when their resolutions are made as a new year transpires. Professionals who help people achieve their goals are called life coaches. Basically, life coaches provide their client assistance regarding… Continue reading What Do Life Coaches Do