Getting Unstuck: A Guide to Discovering Your Next Career Path


At some point in their lives, almost all people experience getting stuck into dire situations that seem to be without any resolution. During these moments, people feel the great need to do something with their lives to induce some change. However, what people do not realize that being enslaved by this feeling only puts people at risk in terms of career and personal life.

Timothy Butler provides in his book, Getting Unstuck, methods that can help people when they are in state of impasse. He presents several pointers that can help readers in recognizing impasse, activating their imagination, recognizing patterns of meaning, and initiating actions.

The book also contains stories of people who succeeded in going beyond their impasse. Thus, Getting Unstuck, should serve as practical guide that can help individuals in searching for the right path that they must take in order to move forward.


Timothy Butler serves as psycho therapist and director of Career Development at Harvard School. He believes that people can gain motivation from cul-de-sacs that they normally encounter in their lives. The struggle is really, and freeing one’s self is never easy, but people are the only ones who can help themselves. Butler’s approach in the book is already tried and tested, and a number of people have experienced this first-hand.


Some reviewers think that the book is one of the greatest self-help material found online. People also need not to worry about the credibility of the book as it is backed by annotated bibliography. The book provides refreshing insights that readers will find very helpful when they go through stage of impasse. They will become more aware of the signs and use such knowledge in freeing themselves from such burden. Basically, the book serves as effective guide in helping people move on about their business and reach their goal.

On the other hand, a number of readers find the exercises provided in the book very useful. The psychological background of the author also contributes helping people detect hidden conflicts within themselves.


Some readers think that the stories given failed to connect with the general content of the book, whereas others think that the author could have provided more comprehensive examples. Meanwhile, other readers think that the book is only useful to professional counselors and does not really address most issues that the general public face during their lifetime.

Technically, the book contains exercises but some think that the writing requires improvement. Others think that the number of examples are too much and should have been replaced with more valuable content.

Getting Unstuck: Breaking Your Habitual Patterns and Encountering Naked Reality

In the Buddhist tradition, there is the belief that peace and happiness can be achieved when people learn to ignore their urge to scratch. More of these Buddhist beliefs are discussed by Pema Chodron in her audiobook, Getting Unstuck. The audiobook contains information which was passed down to Chodron by her teacher, Dzigar Kontrul Rinpoche.

In her book, Chodron focuses on pre-emotional feeling that boils within people and eventually causes discomfort. This condition, in turn, force humans to react in order to escape their situation, which they usually do by succumbing to undesirable habits.

The concept of itch-and-scratch, the shenpa, is also deeply discussed in the book. As narrated by Chondron, people will learn how to recognize shenpa and welcome it into their lives instead of running away from it. Chondron also reiterates some important points:

  • CRITICAL MIND or being able to identify shenpa and be kind towards one’s self and other people

  • Learning methods of revealing self-denigration and developing maitri or loving kindness for one’s self

  • Learning to accept one’s irritability, securities, and other human traits

  • Learning about the 4 R’s of working with shenpa: recognition, refrain, relaxing, and resolve

People are always prone to urges, and succumbing with such temptation only becomes stronger everytime that people give in. And people should learn how to embrace their cravings and habits. On the other hand, Chondron provides guidance on how people should explore the moments when they get hooked with their urges and the necessary tools for people to be more comfortable with themselves.


Ani Pema Chodron was born in New York City in 1974 and went to Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut and University of California at Berkeley. She previous worked as school teacher in New Mexico and California.

When she went to the French Alps, Chodron met Lama Chime Rinpoche. Under Rinpoche’s mentoring, Chodron decided to become a nun in 1974 and was ordinated by His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa.

Afterward, Chodron worked as director of Karma Dzong in Boulder, Colorado then director of Gampo Abbey.

At present, Chodon serves as teacher in the US and Canada and aims at expanding Tibetan Buddhist monasticism in the West.


A number of listeners think that Chodron is an effective teacher and her teachers provided them with comfort while they were going through difficult times. With her audiobook, some people realized that the brain was very capable of distorting reality, and this distortion causes people their suffering. Chodron also emphasizes that people should avoid having negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, and anger.

Aside from her soothing voice and insight, people will come to love Chodron’s sense of humor. She also introduces several Tibetan words and concepts and explains them in manners that most people can relate to. Moreover, people will find her real-life examples very helpful as they proceed on listening to the book. Chodron recognizes the fact that meditating is not that easy but she provides listeners guidance on easing such burden.


Some people did not approve of Chodron’s discussion of problems, and others thought that her solutions are unclear and were not very helpful. Other listeners also noted some unnecessary sounds picked up by Chodron’s microphone while recording. Meanwhile, some people think that the audiobook did not provide adequate information on the practice of meditation.

The 5 Love Languages


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The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary D Chapman

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts is book that focuses on how a person can give and receive love to other people. The content of the book will help the readers share and experience more intimate moments with their partners in life. In addition, the contents of the books serve as mirror for the complicated things faced by most relationships nowadays. With this book, the readers are provided with insights and wisdom that are relevant and can be applied to their lives.


People who will read the book will love the idea of how each individual differs from another when it comes to preferences on things and the concept of satisfaction and motivation. They will learn that in order to be loved in the way they want to be loved, they must first learn how speak their partners’ love language. In this manner, they will be able to convey their personal feelings and thoughts that will be understood right away by their partners. In addition, there are quizzes included in the book that will help the readers in determining the kind of love language that they are more apt to use. And upon learning their “love language,” the readers will be guided on how to use this knowledge in showing their affection for their loved ones. Some people who have already read the book claim that it has helped them in saving their marriages especially during those times when love seemed lost between them and their partners or family. The book has served as a bridge to fill in the gaps that couples feel when they think that they are not being loved enough by partners.


Some readers may be disappointed to find out that ways on how emotions can be understood and discussed are not included. There are also no scientific studies that can back up the 5 love languages which may cast some doubt on some people. A number of people who have read the book think that whatever is written on its pages can be compressed in not more than a few pages of paper. In other words, they greatly think that the book is filled with redundant anecdotes and information. There are some who found some of the stories in the book quite sexist and do not really qualify as means of showing one’s affection.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS praises Dr. Gary Chapman in unveiling the root cause of unhappiness among married people. They applaud his way of explaining and describing each one in a friendly and humorous manner. Furthermore, the books is filled with questionnaires that will let the readers to reflect on their emotions. Lastly, the book encourages people to continue trying to show love for their partners even though there will be moments that will want to completely give up on their relationships. The book promises that in the end, the effort of such kind of people will prove to be fruitful.


Dr. Gary D. Chapman specializes on helping people mend their relationships with their loved ones. He wrote Love Languages series based on his personal experience and his long career in pastoring and marriage counseling. His work has been expanded in order to reach a variety of readers that include unmarried individuals, children, men, and teen. He has also been the author of several books about love and marriages.

Aside from his other careers, Dr. Gary Chapman also hosts radio programs such as Love Language Minute and Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman. He is also currently the senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During weekends, he conducts marriage conferences that are attended by thousands of couples from all over the country.

In the Meantime


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In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want by Iyanla Vanzant

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want is written by Iyanla Vanzant for the people who have trouble finding their way towards their goals in life. It is perfect for those who are finding it hard to keep their relationships. The books aims to provide clarity to the readers’ minds and uplift their spirits as they search for true love and happiness.


The book must be read by those who are searching for some self-healing. By reading the book, they will realize how important self-love is. Such realization will pave the way for the reader’s recovery process and consequently, the start of his journey to a more satisfactory and happier life. Aside from learning how to love one’s self, the reader will also learn some important virtues in life like doing things for other people, knowing how to properly listen during conversations, and not expecting too much from relationships with other people. People who have already read the book claim that it has helped them in accepting and loving themselves as well as learning that it is up to them to face whatever obstacles life brings to them. Most of them end up feeling more positive and sure of themselves when they realize that being realistic and true to themselves are very crucial in self-acceptance.


Customers who aim to read something more specific that they can do with their lives will be disappointed with the book. Though the book says things that may pose some meaning to other people, it does not provide concrete solutions to people’s problems. Some people who have already read the book think that its contents are merely ramblings of the authors that she tried to pass as a book. Furthermore, there are also people who claim that it is not very helpful in solving any kind of problem.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS applaud how the book encourages its readers and listeners to clear their minds and souls in order to prepare themselves for achieving true love. They also recognize the author’s effectivity in using stories of her life in relating her ideas and aspirations to other people. She has clearly explained the importance of personal respect in self-healing.

The Library Journal think that the author has been very creative and honest in advising women on how to avoid venturing into unproductive relationships over and over again. They like how they use the analogy of floor buildings in expounding on the idea of problem levels. As the readers learn about these levels, they will know in the end the proper ways by which they can address the burden that they carry on their backs.


A woman who was abused as a child and as a wife, Iyanla Vanzant has been a completely different woman since the moment she decided that it was time to take over of her life. She has built herself a career in ministry and for quite a while, has been an inspiration to a number of fans.

Aside from being a best-selling author, Iyanla has also been conducting speeches of various places like New York’s Jacob Javits Convention Center, Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, Atlanta’s Civic Center, and the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. In addition, she has also been recognized and awarded by various institutions for her work and published books.

The Power of Now


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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is book that aims to help the readers in their journey towards self-discovery. The contents of the book include discussions regarding enlightenment and how it can be impeded by our own thoughts. Furthermore, the book also enlightens the readers on the role they play in suffering from pain and provides solutions on how they can address such problem. The book is a complete guide to gaining awareness of Being, liberation from the Mind, and achieving Enlightenment in the Now of things.


Readers who have inner struggles may find some comfort from reading the book. They will learn how ego can prevent a person from achieving spiritual peace and contentment. In relation to this, the readers will also know how to really be in the present after breaking through the walls of their own minds. The concepts and principles are discussed and explained in a very concise manner. Also, there are also practices provided in the book that the readers can use in experiencing the real world. More importantly, the book teaches the readers to become completely conscious individuals capable of controlling not only themselves but the flow of everything that is happening to them.


Some readers may not believe in the book upon reading it because of lack of scientific research to back up the author’s claims regarding consciousness. Other people may also notice that the ideas presented in the book can be found in other texts. They may also not like how negatively the author looks at the world today. Customers who bought and read the book claim that the author has no complete understanding of the concept of being in the present. Others also think that his notion of the present’s timelessness is wrong. Furthermore, some say that some contents of the vague are just redundant and too vague to convey any useful insight to the readers.


As puts it, the book provides the one true path to happiness and enlightenment. It provides a complete guide to people who have trouble living in the present. Furthermore, the readers are given the chance to get ahold of their own consciousness and emotions and use such control to live a more meaningful life.

The AudioFile praises the author’s ability to fluently convey principles and ideas to his readers. Also, he leads the readers to a deeper understanding of the experiences that they have at the moment.


Aside from being a writer, Eckhart Tolle is also a spiritual teacher. He originated from Germany and studied at the Universities of London and Cambridge. He achieved his inner transformation when he was 29 and since then, he had been working with various individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher.

In addition to The Power of Now, Tolle also penned other books like A New Earth which became the first spiritual book to be included in Oprah’s book club.