Being Spiritual

Spirituality and religion are two concepts that people normally used with each other or interchangeably. However, it is possible to separate these two concepts. Some people may be both religious and spiritual, whereas others are spiritual but not religious or the other way around.

When people go to church, it is only natural to think that they spiritual. Sadly, that is not really true. And the same can be applied to those who practice yoga and meditate everyday. And even when a person follows the teachings of a spiritual group, it does not indicate that he is in fact, spiritual.

To avoid causing more confusion, it is better to now clarify the concept of being spiritual.

A spiritual person can be described as someone who loves himself and other people. Such person has compassion for all people, animals, and the planet that we live in and knows that importance of achieving Oneness. A spiritual person is someone who is kind in all aspects.

Thus, though a number of people go to church and pray, they cannot be considered spiritual if they do care about their wellbeing and those of other people. The same goes of yoga practitioners and those who meditate everyday. Belonging to a group and following spiritual teachings only amount to nothing when people still judge themselves and others.

Meanwhile, a number of people do not engage with spiritual practices but are in essence, spiritual. No one should tell these individuals to start caring for others. Naturally spiritual people know when to help and do not judge others nor themselves.

On the other hand, people may be outright religious but are still judgmental and mean to other people. Thus, in such cases, people are apt to think that it is very hard to be both religious and spiritual. Yes, it may be a long shot but a person can still achieve spirituality and religiosity if they practice their religions wholeheartedly.

For example, when people attend spiritual groups, they find numerous people who seem very spiritual on the outside. However, once they are on the streets, they tend to only cause emotional harm to others or exercise unnecessary judgments. Such people had different notion of who God is and thus still need to be enlightened to be more spiritual.

People’s experience with God should never be something that feels like punishment as God only used love in creation of his believers. If people do not welcome love, peace, joy, truth, and kindness into their hearts, then they have not truly found God yet. Meditations are not enough to let God’s love into their heart.

Thus, in order to spiritual, people should learn how to be kind no only to themselves but to other people and creatures living in the planet.