What Do Life Coaches Do

People make resolutions every New Year. Though it is not really prohibited to set up goals any time of the year, most prefer find extra motivations when their resolutions are made as a new year transpires. Professionals who help people achieve their goals are called life coaches. Basically, life coaches provide their client assistance regarding the goals that they want to achieve. These goals may include changing careers or physical health goals, such as losing weight.

However, the job of life coaches is not that simple. Life coaches focus more on the process that people employ toward realizing their goals. This include realizing people’s potential and helping them turn into the person that they want to be.


Life coaches are also called executive coach or enrichment specialist. These people basically work on the needs of their client. The fulfill their jobs by meeting with their clients and discussing their life visions. Then, both life coaches and clients will determine if they can work together.

Upon collaboration, life coaches will work with clients in identifying their goals and formulating plans to achieve such goals. For example, when a client wants to increase business profits, then they may need to make some important changes in their businesses. In this case, the life coach will aid the client in recognizing his accountability should he decide to pursue of making changes in his company.

Likewise, life coaches accompany their clients after achieving certain milestones in their goals. Life coaches also continue to motivate their clients until the time when all their objectives have been fulfilled. Motivation is very important especially when clients are feeling down regarding their progress.

Life coaches work with clients for several months to years. Coaching sessions may last from 30 to 90 minutes. From to time, life coaches may also check in with their clients. Meeting with clients can be done personally, through phone, or online video calls.


People must first possess or develop certain characteristics before they can become life coaches. Some of these traits include patience, empathy, kindness, and strong leadership, organization, and communication skills. Moreover, life coaches should have superior decision-making and problem solving skill. On the other hand, creativity also greatly benefits life coaches in their jobs.

Credentials and training are very important in becoming a life coach as these things are something that their clients may want to look at before they are hired. People who want to be life coaches may take up related courses in colleges or universities or acquire life coach training and certification programs.

Meanwhile, credentialing organizations, including the International Coach Federation, are known for evaluating programs of life coaching.

On the other hand, some life coaches prefer to work on their own. Thus, they must learn to run a small business and take up related courses, such accounting, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Life coaches may also improve themselves through seminars and working with mentor coaches. These practices enable them to collaborate with other coaches and learn things that can help them in further establishing their careers.

Knowing something about psychology is also a plus for life coaches, whereas other job experiences, such as management, may contribute in fulfilling their jobs. However, people should remember that experience is not necessarily a requirement in becoming a life coach.


Being a life coach can be a fulfilling job especially when people succeed in helping their clients achieve their goals. However, it is not inevitable that the job can be stressing.

There are no available statistics on specific number of life coaches as they are categorized with rehabilitation, educational guidance, school and vocational counselors and personal care and service workers. Life coaches may also be hired by residential care or treatment facilities or when they are self-employed, serve as consultants for businesses.

In 2015, 17,500 individuals worked as coach practitioners in North America, average annual income of around $61,000.

Meanwhile, though life coaches may work full-time or are self-employed, some people only do the job on part-time basis.

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