Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction is New Thought philosophy which basically means that positive or negative things may happen to people depending on whether they focus on positive or negative thoughts. This philosophy considers that people and their thoughts comprise “pure energy.” In addition, it is believed that similar types of energy attract one another.

New Thought movement was based on teachings of Phineas Quimby in early 19th century. During that time, the term “law of attraction” was not used though followers of the movements basically believed in the same principle.

Then, in 1877, “law of attraction” was first published in a book written by Helena Blavatsky. Then, in 19th century, the term became more popular among various authors.

The 20th century was tumultuous moment for law of attraction as people’s interest on the subject grew because of increasing number of published books about it.

In 2006, the topic became popular because of the movie The Secret.

People who wrote about New Though believe that law of attraction constantly operates and leads people to situations that they mostly think about.

In the book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne reiterated that it is not enough that people think of the things that they want to achieve, their thoughts must also be filled with enough emotion to enable manifestation of their desires.

Byrne’s theory emphasizes that positive feeling is only manifested when a person feels that he has abundant things; this feeling, in return, attracts more people’s desired abundance. Thus, people should be able to feel grateful for the things they have no matter how small they are in order to align frequencies of positivity.


Writers of New Thought think that thoughts have direct impact on health. Thus, negative emotions, including worry, fear, and stress will only cause people harm, whereas positive thoughts positively affect their health. This effect of law of attraction is best exemplified by studies that use placebo medicines. People who receive placebos sometimes experience positive effects because they think that they are receiving treatment.

The effect of law attraction is also very remarkable when it comes to prosperity. People who think that they are financially burdened will possibly experience financial hardships in the future. Thus, people should be content with their financial status and be hopeful in order to attract financial luck into their homes.

Law of attraction can be also effective in achieving people’s ambitions. They should just focus on their goal to make it a reality. People should be clear regarding the tiniest details of their dreams. Then, one by one, these details will be realized and before they known, people have already reached their goals.


Law of attraction is based on different philosophical and religious traditions. This philosophy possibly originated from Hermiticism, New England transcendentalism, specific sections of the Bible, and Hinduism.

Some experts also believed that Transcendentalist movement significantly influence New Thought in the United States.

New Thought authors are also known for quoting Bible verses to further clarify the concept of law of attraction.